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As the CEO of a fast-growing start-up, you need a way to communicate and stay-in-touch with your network of marketers, investors and early adopters. Collude makes it easy to share your vision, beliefs and ambitions so everyone has a clear understanding of your brand.

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Leverage your network to stand out from the crowd

Within a crowded marketplace, it’s essential to stand out and be heard over all the other social noise. With Collude, it’s easy to give your channel marketing partners, social influencers and early adopters a dedicated, private channel to share the information they need to promote your products.



Utilise a responsive platform for engagement

You need a mobile platform that goes wherever you go. With Collude, you can stay in touch with your influencers and partners and streamline processes on the move. Answering questions quickly can be the difference between growing sales or frustrated influencers.



Create influential promoters of your brand

As the leader of your business, you need to increase your target audiences’ knowledge of your brand and products. You and your team know the full benefits and value your products or services. Collude allows you to consistently share information with your channel marketing partners and early adopters so you can encourage further participation and empower them to promote your brand.



Grow your network, grow your bottom line

You may rely on social influencers, bloggers, video content creators or digital marketers to spread the word and increase brand visibility. As such, you’re always looking for ways to expand your digital network and further promote your product. Collude gives you limitless potential to manage your global network of suppliers, supporters or promoters – ultimately enabling you to drive more sales.


Gain a competitive edge with valuable feedback

To truly understand what makes your product special, you need to gather insightful feedback from your early adopters and channel partners. Collude helps you communicate with stakeholders, ask questions and receive valuable feedback. You can then use this feedback to solve customer problems, improve your offerings and position your product as a must-have solution. With Collude, you can also gather insights to develop your customer base and understand what drives purchases.



Share products knowledge and encourage engagement

You need a platform where you can communicate any product news, updates and relevant information with your networks. On Collude, you can also encourage users to participate in competitions, training updates and share marketing materials. So, everyone is always informed and fully understands the benefits of your product.



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