Charity/Non-Profilt- Collude for Charities and not for Profit Organaisations

Build and Maintain Long-Lasting Relationships

As a charity, you need to establish communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. Keep everyone informed and regularly engage with donors and sponsors. It’s certainly not an easy job, and that’s why you need all the help you can get. Collude helps you streamline this process so you can achieve maximum impact.

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Inspire your volunteers & donors

As a charity, you rely on volunteers to help without financial incentives and donors for regular support. Collude gives you a private, secure way to encourage regular engagement and make volunteers and donors feel like valued members of your community. Communicating your vision and values will also help boost engagement and retention rates.



Drive digital transformation of your charity

A dedicated mobile platform, like Collude,  gives you constant access to your network of supporters without worrying about data breaches. So, your volunteers can post updates on activities and share these updated with your network to promote your great work. Transform your charity with regular open member communication and build relationships as followers support each other with comments and likes.



Celebrate your success

When you run a charity or non-profit, you need all hands-on deck. You need to make sure donors, sponsors and volunteers understand how their support helps your mission and see their direct impact. Collude allows you to share your successes, give praise and recognition and keep everyone informed, so they feel valued and continue to contribute.



Support the growth of your charity

You need to make sure employees and volunteers have the knowledge and guidelines they need. Employees and volunteers want to learn new skills so they can develop and grow. Sharing blogs, hints & tips and any available training will help you increase your charity’s impact and ensure it achieves the best results.


Unlimited opportunities

You need to run events to raise funds that will support the goals of your mission. Whether external training or fun-days, Collude events enable you to list all upcoming activities. So, your employees, volunteers, donors and other important personnel never miss a key event again.



Showcase your brand, mission and values

Whether you run an animal shelter or international charity, you need people to believe in your mission and understand your social contribution. Showcasing your values and brand is one of the best ways to encourage stakeholder allegiance and increase commitment to achieving your shared goals.



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