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Collude, an Innovative Social Media Platform for Business

Collude is a comprehensive social media platform that helps you create social spaces for your employees, clients, vendors, distributors, business units and leaders through social feeds, news, events, directory and much more. Making it easy for you to share, collaborate and network, enabling you to create a great culture through modern technology.

Value Through Engagement

We know how important it is for your employees to engage with your company on a professional and personal level. We make it easy to retain and encourage employees so you can unlock their full potential.


Direct Communication

Our secure direct communication platform makes it easy for your employees to connect without concerns. Confidential information stays private, so you can focus on engaging and building relationships with your employees.

New Opportunities

As a collaborative workplace Collude enables you to share opportunities whether HR vacancies or business opportunities externally. Meet like-minded professionals, discover new ways to collaborate and fulfil your potential.


Quick Onboarding

Our intuitive onboarding process enables you to hit the ground running and very quickly and experience the excitement of your very own branded social media platform with in a matters of minutes.


Your Business Social Networks

Whether it’s a project team, marketing team, global sales team or your reselling partners, bring them into a professional network to empower them with a social platform to connect and cultivate your business .



Get an in-depth understanding of your network and statistics on how your engagement is driving results for your business. Enrich your networks engagement and promote outcomes with close monitoring of your network’s analytics.

Empowering Businesses with Next Generation Social Spaces

Some of our customers celebrating their social business networking through Collude.

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