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Business Networks
Networking is an effective way to do business. It just needs a lot of precious time to make it work. Collude helps your members network faster and more effectively.
Global organisations know that its their employees who are their greatest asset. New ideas and opportunities are generated when you make it easy for them to communicate and engage together.
Associates like to stay in contact. In a global world with a vast array of communication options Collude provides a closed and private network for people who want to stay connected.

What is Collude ?What is Collude ?

Collude exists to develop better business networks and increase the value of participation for its members.

For those seeking to manage and build value into a business network Collude super-charges the core components of essential network engagement so that it work faster, increases participation and builds opportunities for the network members.

Using Collude quickly provides members with the simple and effective tools they need to grow and thrive within your network.

Collude Video
Collude Video
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Benefits Benefits

Collude Benefits

Member Value

Retention of existing members is essential for any membership organisation to progress and succeed. Collude provides tangible and immediate benefits for your current members.

Ready to Go

Collude will easily integrate with your existing Business Directories, CRM, ERP and Member Databases. Deployment takes no time at all.

Direct Communication

Collude is a secure private platform for your members to speak to you and each other directly. It gives you the power to cut through the noise and content overload endured through other mediums, allowing targeted messaging.

More Engagement

So many organisations have inactive and unengaged members. Very few members get close to unleashing the full potential their membership offers them. Collude makes participation easy and unleashes the power of the network. Increase engagement and membership retention increases too.


Collude creates a marketplace with genuine opportunities to expand and grow business. New member prospects immediately see the value of joining up

Features Features

  • Members Directory

    Collude provides rich and searchable profiling options for each member. Members can outline their skills, qualifications, services, interests, location or region/county or state & Industry/sector. It’s so easy to browse member’s profile details from your phone. Member’s contact details are provided to build relationships and grow business connections.

  • Member Connections

    Connect directly to other group members to build peer to peer relationships around a common interest. A common interest can be geographic, economic, environmental & a technical subject or industry sector. Members can quickly identify members with shared interests quickly. Whatever the criteria you choose connecting with Collude is the first step in deeper member to member relationships.

  • Opportunities

    Business organisations need a place to do business. Collude provides an area to list opportunities enabling members to work together, offer specific goods or services, share new business ideas or request support. Building trust and offering economic opportunities will grow membership levels.

  • Make it your own

    The Collude web and mobile platform features a clean design and user interface. Customise the look of your network with your colours, logos and business language. Collude lets you project your brand across the platform.

  • Activity Feed

    Share your activity, whether attending events or having a great business success story through Feeds. Users have easy access to stay in contact with your activity and engage in current / real time updates. Whether looking for quick guidance on an issue or sharing important news Feeds are short, quick and shared to all members.

  • News

    Collude allows the administrators to control who can post news items to the whole community. Whether membership information, current affairs or hot economic topics News and Blogs are available for everyone to read and share. News Share function allows networkers to send interesting articles to their contacts outside the network.

  • Events

    Confirm your event attendance and see which other networkers are also going. Engage in conversations before the events starts so your ahead of your competition.

  • Member Listings

    Members can generate a personalised profile about themselves and their organisation. The profile can be searched easily on location, industry and various other filters. Skills and capabilities can be found by other participant quickly.

  • Analytics

    A deeper understanding who you members are and how they interact with your organisation is now possible. Collude allows you to use your data gathered to build deeper and better relationships.

  • Forums

    Forums help members built rapport and trust with other members. Collude is a secure place for online discussions between fellow members. Anyone can create a topic of discussion or Forum for like-minded members to join and start a conversation. The quantity of views and comments against a topic are counted and displayed. Active forums bring group members together.

  • Administration

    Collude provides organisation administrators a simple way to manage communication. An administration panel is available online and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere from an Internet.

  • Non-Member Access

    Your Collude is available from app stores and allows your to give a window into your organisation to non-members. Non-member access areas are defined through the administration panel. Allowing you to bespoke access to areas you currently share with non-members such as News and Events. This allows you to keep your high value content secure for your member group.