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Build Robust Relationships with your Suppliers

Collude helps you establish strong relationships with suppliers, so you can grow and scale your business.

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Align business and supplier goals

As a key stakeholder in the procurement process, it’s important to align your business and supplier strategic goals. You need a long-term strategy that allows you to connect with your global procurement teams, quickly and easily. Collude gives you the tools you need to propel your business into the future.


Encourage supplier diversity

Your success relies on sourcing the best products from the best supplier, regardless of their size or background. Collude makes it easy to encourage supplier diversity with a dedicated network that encourages direct engagement and communication.


Keep everyone on the same page

Provide your team and suppliers with regular product, service and business updates through Collude. Our secure platform allows you to communicate and share information with a select group of people without worrying about privacy. So, you can keep everyone on the same page and make sure suppliers have access to the information they need.


Promote supplier loyalty

Collude allows you to privately communicate with suppliers, ask questions and provide essential information, so you can make sure your teams are engaged and focused. Listen to your suppliers’ feedback and share your company’s views and opinions to build a strong aligned team.

Encourage regular supplier collaboration and feedback

You need a way to inspire and develop relationships with your suppliers. Improved collaboration benefits everyone as suppliers can come together to work on your procurement projects and develop their offerings for larger business opportunities.


Drive supplier innovation

Collude also allows suppliers to communicate with each other and share ideas. So, they can connect and work together to find new, innovative solutions to your business’ most pressing problems.


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