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Promote Your Brand and Product with a Dedicated Digital Platform

Achieve your marketing objectives with a secure, digital platform. Collude makes it easy to share your company vision and values with your network. Communicate directly to your stakeholders, channel partners or marketing influencers to ensure a consistent business message and approach.

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Achieve scale and speed with your marketing message

When you have a huge channel network, you need easy, consistent communication. Collude’s business social platform allows you to inform and inspire your partners so they can deliver the best marketing messages to promote your product. By supporting thousands of members, you can make sure critical information is received instantly.



Streamline your product and process guidelines

When you’re busy running a marketing department, it’s essential to share updates on new products and features with your network. With Collude, you can setup training events for your members and publish guidelines and supporting documents for partners. Your members can even support each other through Q&A forums on a private, secure network.



Drive your business growth with incentives and recognition

Promote business growth with monthly incentives and sales recognition. Your influencers and partners are an extension of your sales team and need constant nurturing to drive the best results. Direct and indirect incentives encourage sales and help teams smash through monthly KPIs. Collude offers an easy way to promote better communication and, therefore, sales.



Enhanced learning and culture

Your internal marketing teams need hands-on support to grow and develop. Our tools make it easy for marketing employees to learn, collaborate and discover new opportunities. You can keep your team informed about upcoming training events, help them collaborate on new projects and announce competitions or challenges.


Achieve new heights with new opportunities

Leverage your marketing success with some creative thinking. Collude can support your initiatives by sharing campaign ideas to your teams. Post the campaign opportunities and work with interested and specialised partners to deliver great results. Collude makes it easier for you to deliver targeted marketing messages to your local channel partners and influencers for accelerated sales growth.



Launch your products in new markets

Launching products in new markets can be expensive. Generate interest beforehand by creating great marketing publicity, so when the product finally arrives sales will be through the roof. Plus, with Collude you can create dedicated, new market networks and share different messages and propositions and discuss the best strategies with your local influencers to help generate a buzz.



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