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Support your Students Above and Beyond the Classroom

Many students struggle to get onto the career ladder after graduating. So it’s your job to support students beyond the classroom with advice and information on preparing for life after school. Collude makes it easy for you to share advice and guidance to help with this transition. You can even create dedicated networks for students to connect with mentors or alumni to find life-changing opportunities.

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Knowledge is power – use Collude to empower your students

University should prepare students for the real-world and develop their employability skills. With Collude, you can share useful articles on preparing for recruitment, developing soft skills and possible internships or graduate schemes. Plus, as Collude is a secure, private platform, you don’t need to worry about data breaches or leaking information.



Connect and collaborate

Helping students identify their direction after university is an important role for every institution and may even include connecting them with future employers. Collude can support you to promote collaboration between alumni, students and businesses. Furthermore, past students can share their success stories, new business startup experience and employment challenges including hints and tips.



Build a strong network of alumni and students to support each other

Connecting current students with alumni can create a huge network to receive support and helpful advice. Collude provides a platform where students and alumni can connect, engage and share relevant life lessons and opportunities. As a result, alumni may find new energetic students eager to make their mark while students can find opportunities to start their career.



Frequent and fast communication with international students

Moving abroad for university can be scary and there’s naturally a lot of unknowns. As a mobile platform, Collude makes it easy to connect with and support international students. Students can access the network and find answers to their questions, meet new friends and learn about university life.


Organise and promote events

You need to support student’s professional development with career workshops and events. For that reason, Collude makes publicising events quick and stress-free as you can share real-time information, like agendas, locations and updates.



Share your culture, vision and success

Share what makes your university special with your network and encourage collaboration through Collude. Collude makes it easy to share useful articles and updates that support your culture, vision and success and help you prepare your students for life at university. Part of caring for your students is concern for their mental health and giving them a secure platform where they can reach out for support. Collude makes it easy for them to find the resources they need.



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