How To Stay Relevant As A Chamber Of Commerce

July 11, 2019

How To Stay Relevant As A Chamber Of Commerce


A chamber of commerce is a great place for business networking. If you are a business owner, then you can extract a lot of advantages by connecting to a relevant chamber and ensuring that you get the desired benefits. As a Trustee of a chamber, you should look for ways in which you can improve your business networking and provide greater benefits to the businesses that collude with you.

Here, we discuss some important themes that will help your Chamber of Commerce to stay relevant in modern times and offer the best business value to your network members.

Frictionless Networking

Chambers worked primarily as networking facilities. They allowed businesses to interact with each other using a common platform and work out ways to do business with each other. However, the times have changed considerably as businesses now can meet directly over online mediums. This means that there is a great need for modern chambers to provide more value to the equation.

Chambers can enhance their role by decreasing the friction that stops businesses from colluding and forming out amazing partnerships. They can use digital tools that allow organizations to connect with each other and participate in business discussions. Since businesses can interact using digital tools, they can share presentations and other project details that enhance your business network as a chamber of commerce.

Chambers can improve their networking if they can enhance their own business presence. They should participate in business conversations and stay relevant. Only then they can serve as the business hub that allows other networkers to connect to each other and get the advantages commonly associated with working through a chamber of commerce.

As a chamber of commerce, you should allow your network to control the connections, which is possible using the digital networking tools, such as special mobile applications. They allow you to provide helping tools, such as ones that business owners can use to set their preferences and find relevant business networks. You need to play the role of an expert in this regard and connect businesses by providing them with what they are looking for, through a frictionless process.

Excellent Regional Options

Business owners are looking for networks which provide them access to the regional market and the available segments and industries. One way of achieving this is through a relevant chamber of commerce that understands the regional business needs and uses modern tools to offer help and support. If you are responsible for a chamber of commerce, then you can use a digital application to connect regional businesses and provide them opportunities to find out what the local business market has on offer.

Regional cooperation is especially great for small business owners who find it hard to attend events and give additional time to enhance their business network. A chamber of commerce that uses digital tools and online communication allows these owners to remain connected and use the enhanced intelligence available through the chamber. This truly empowers your members and allows to get the ideal advantages.

Smart Options

Businesses have evolved over time and have started to value social networks such as LinkedIn. As a Chamber of Commerce, you need to understand that networking is valuable for businesses and provide smart options that are better than these social networks. This only occurs if you provide businesses with smart options, such as industry information, digital tools, statistical results and other similar options of interest.

Never limit your chamber by only working as an offline campus to provide help to businesses who can physically visit you. A good chamber is the one willing to change with time and ensure that it stays relevant by providing their members with what they truly need. Smart options allow businesses to improve their decision making. They improve their networking benefits and the overall enhancement that businesses are always on the lookout for.

Social Collaboration

A chamber of commerce can stay relevant by ensuring that it follows the hub and spoke model. It needs to connect all its members through a central collusion mechanism. This is possible, when you, as a chamber understand that you need to perform social collaboration. This means that your partnerships go beyond the norm of conferences and business meetings.

Social collaboration is possible only through smart networking. The use of online tools should be essentially embedded in your chamber of commerce activities. You can also think of your chamber as a social fabric rather than a spoke. Your fabric should provide the support on which different businesses can interact with each other and find profitable business opportunities.

What you need is a powerful application to offer the best support to your members. Collude is an excellent application in this regard and allows you to offer a social fabric and a smart networking tool for your clients. It surely allows you to stay relevant in the modern business environment!

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