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Business Social Networking for Marketing & Sales Groups

When it comes to marketing and sales, your business network is everything. Collude’s vibrant environment helps you find opportunities and leverage connections while maintaining control and boosting productivity.

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Introducing the Business Social Platform for Businesses

As a marketing or sales professional, you need to be able to connect instantly with like-minded professionals, grow your business network and seize new opportunities. Collude helps you achieve all this and more.


Meet like-minded professionals, build your professional network and create business groups that help you leverage sales, promote your company and more.

News Feed

Collude gives administrators control over who can post news items to the whole community. Industry-focused news and blogs are available for everyone to read and share, while the news share function allows you to send interesting articles to your external network to foster conversations and show-off your knowledge.


Confirm your event attendance and see who else is going. Engage in conversations before the event, so you’re ahead of the competition.

Activity Feed

Just landed a new client or closed a new deal? Share your success with your network through stories on your activity feed. Posting regularly helps you promote your business and celebrate your achievements. Other users can then engage with your post, offering even more support on your way to the top.

In-depth Analytics to Leverage Your Business Potential

Collude analytics gives you a deep understanding of who your followers and fellow-members are and how they interact with your organisation, so you can enhance your relationship and promote relevant services.

For Enterprise Sized Marketing Groups

How Marketing & Sales Teams Benefit from a Business Network

Joining Collude gives you access to our vibrant community and a host of innovative features. Here’s how becoming a member could benefit your marketing or sales teams.

  • Member Value

    Engagement and relationships are an important part of the sales and marketing industries. On Collude, companies can promote engagement amongst their members and build connections that extend past the boardroom.

  • Seamless Integration

    Sales wait for no man (or woman). Collude is easy to integrate with your existing business directories, CRM, ERP and Member Databases so you can get started now.

  • Secure Communication

    Collude is a secure, private platform for your members to speak to you and each other. So, you don’t need to worry about the competition getting ahold of confidential information or marketing campaigns.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

    When it comes to sales or marketing, employees need to be on-point. Collude helps employees stay up-to-date on the latest company news, get invited to important events and much more.

  • Reach Your KPIs

    Surpass your monthly and quarterly goals by leveraging Collude’s marketplace. On our marketplace, you’ll find genuine opportunities to expand and grow your business and reach your sales goals.


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