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Help Your Members Get the Most Out of Your Association

When you demand more from a dedicated, secure platform, Collude delivers. Our app helps you communicate more efficiently and directly with your members through a design that’s constantly evolving. Collude makes it possible to deliver instant, easy access to your services.

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Elevate your organisation with a mobile platform

In today’s modern world, every association and society have a website. However, your members need to quickly and easily access information. As a secure, mobile app, Collude provides the perfect solution. So, your members can instantly access the wider community and build a strong network of support.



Help members stay connected and informed

Members need to stay up-to-date and learn about upcoming training courses and social events. You need to be able to plan and share details about the event like agendas and venues. On Collude, members can view upcoming events and register. If last-minute changes come up, don’t panic — simply inform your members instantly using Collude.



Connect your members and see them flourish

As an association, you could have members locally, regionally or globally. Collude makes it easy for members to share their success, industry-insights and experience to create a connected community. By enabling wider communication and collaborative relationships, you provide more value to your members.



Share knowledge and industry-insights to support members

As organisations have many facets, forums provide your members with a place where they can ask questions and support each other to grow and develop. You need an easy-to-use, secure platform, where members can share their ideas, recently published research and opportunities for collaboration. Plus, improved collaboration also increases the level of expertise and standard within your industry.


Ensure members stay compliant

Industry regulations are constantly changing, so you need a platform where you can share updates and legislation changes. Collude helps you send updates to members, so everyone has the information they need to stay compliant and avoid breaking new regulations.



Access to the newest, latest research

Members need information hot off the press. On Collude, administrators can manage day-to-day activities and share news and research as soon as it’s released. You can also publish papers and journal articles directly onto the platform and Collude will automatically notify your members. Empower everyone with the latest information at their fingertips.



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